Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alma Mater Using YouTube Instead of Essays for College Admissions

In all of our forum discussions, we've discussed using YouTube, TeacherTube, etc. for various things. This evening, I came across an innovative idea that George Mason University has implemented -- replacing college admission essays with YouTube videos. I'm a litte biased since Mason is my alma mater but I think it's a brilliant idea. It's more fun for the applicant to put together and I'm sure its more entertaining and interesting for an admissions counselor. Win-win, right? For the full story, please check out:


  1. Mike,
    That is a great idea I think! I read kids college essays all the time when I tutor online; many of them are terrible because of content - others because of grammar, punctuation, and poor writing. This will give the admissions people a more full idea of the student's passion (or lack of it). Also, every time I read one of the really poor essays I think about the poor admissions person reviewing it; I bet they are rejoicing!


  2. This would be a really great way to do scholarship interviews. One of the tidbits offered for the course this semester was about Deloitte & Touche and E&Y doing video submissions from employees and potentional employees. (

  3. Wow, that's also another great use of video Leesa. I'm sure the recruiters (just like the college admissions staff) is enjoying the videos.