Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sign of the Times

I should preface this entry by saying that I HATE chain letters, SPAM, and the likes. With that being said, I was recently forwarded this emai,l and while it pains me to admit, is rather relevant for this weeks digital literacy topic. See the pictures below.

Any favorites? 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, Googlers of all Ages...

A few months ago, I read the drawn-out book "The World is Flat". While an interesting read discussing globalization to its core, the 400+ pages was a bit too long of a read for this subject. Great content, too many examples driving it all home. A few books that I would suggest that have interesting topics but are more efficient at driving them home are: The Tipping Point and Freakonomics. Two of my favorites, so don't criticize ;)

Anyways, while unsure on what I'm supposed to be writing this blog about, I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be book reviews. Since I'm not too big of a reader, that's probably for the better though. Personally, I like blogs and websites. When you get a chance, check out A personal favorite.

Wow, I digress again. Focus, Mike, Focus.

Some would argue that the world is flat while others would argue that the world is open. I see both points and while I agree with them, I like to keep things even simpler. The world is GOOGLE. Not only are they a search giant that has engulfed market share from all of the old school players (remember Alta Vista?) but a company is a noun but also a verb. After all, it's probably mostly used a verb. I'll Google it later, no pun intended. Now they are tapping power markets?

Kids these days are growing up on Google just as much as they are growing up with baby food and pacifiers. Maybe a few years later but nonetheless. Instead of playing football in the street, these Googlers (sounds dirty but in no such way is it meant to be) are cruising the vast highways of cyber space, blogging, uploading videos and file sharing. Even though, I'm technically categorized as this "Net Generation", I'm not so sure any of those technologies existed when I was growing up. We had the Internet but we preferred our Nintendo and our friends that we can go big wheeling with, throw a football with, etc. Now, forget the football and big wheels, let's poke our friends or write on their Facebook walls, tweet about the latest shenanigans, or even better broadcast it on YouTube.What will the youth of 2020 be called? What cool gadgets, gizmos, and web apps will they have? Only time will tell...